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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations


Jaco designs and delivers a display sub-assembly for U.S. based electric vehicle charging station developer. 

Soon to be dotting the American landscape, these electric vehicle charging stations will provide convenient, fast, and efficient battery re-charging services for electric cars.
Working closely with our client's product design team, Jaco engineerd a robust display sub-assembly for this green technolgy system.  Starting with a foundation of understanding the client system's application and outdoor operating environment, the challenge was to develop a display that could operate in harsh weather conditions yet deliver a sunlight readable image with touch capability.
The end result was an 8.4" open frame LCD assembly with a custom highbright LED backlight and bonded projective capacitive touch screen.  From the Jaco designed LED backlight, driver, and chassis, to the Jaco manufactured and tested sub-assembly, our clients relied on our expertise to delivery a custom display solution that met their strict performance specifications.