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Electronic Touch Screen Voting Machine

Working with the engineering design team at Sequoia Voting Systems, Jaco utilized our LCD and embedded technology expertise to design a custom display sub-assembly and embedded board to replace the existing sub-assembly, as the SBU in that assembly had gone end of life.  After providing Sequoia's sub-contractor with over 20,000 15" TFT/touch display sub-assemblies, Jaco won several contracts to build the entire machine.  Jaco manfactured and tested over 20,000 turnkey units.  The machines included the custom display/CPU sub-assembly, power supply, poll worker interface, card reader and printer all housed in a plastic enclosure.  Jaco also provided a 5 year warranty.
Integral to the overall success of the program was direct Jaco investment in the product development and design phase.  Jaco contributions included reducing the overall cost of the unit and simplifying the overal logistics.  By the end of the program, Jaco had manufactured multiple custom configurations and drop shiped to more than 2 dozen municipalities.