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Welcome to VDC. We now provide display solutions from our new Jaco Display Solutions product line.
LCD'S - Touch Panels - Engineering Services
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Our specialized team of engineers cover all of the relevant disciplines to provide our customers with the technical support needed to design the display sub-assembly portion of their project. VDC's state of the art LCD and embedded integration center enhances your display to meet whatever performance capability is required for the operating environment your products are used in.

LCD Displays

We offer a wide variety of LCD displays. We can help you find the right display for your application.

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Touch Panels

Find the right Touch Panel for your solution

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High Bright

Learn more about our High Bright solutions.

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Complete Assembly Solutions

Our experienced engineers in all of the relevant disciplines to assist our customers' design efforts. Staying ahead of the latest technologies, our technical staff utilizes a greater depth of product knowledge to provide service levels that are beyond our customers expectations. VDC engineers tackle technical issues that may often go overlooked during the technical review and project design phase. Our electrical, thermal, mechanical, system, and hardware engineers all contribute their expertise to reduce design time and ensure the designs compliance to the customers' requirements. VDC does not view our role in our customers' projects as merely presenting options to be selected. We look at every aspect of the project including the end product's:

We are here to Make Displays Better

Based in Cocoa, FL. VDC is the premier supplier for all of your LCD and Embedded Solution needs. From humble beginnings more than 40 years ago, VDC has transformed from a broad line electronics component distributor to a technology leading provider of displays and value-add integrated display solutions. And now part of VDC.

1. LCD Display Systems

VDC designs and manufactures full complex LCD based system solutions. User Interface Electronics are provided to our customers as standard products or as custom designs.

2. Capabilities

Electrical, Mechanical and Software Engineering personal with decades of display system experience. We are a vertically integrated design and manufacturing organization.

3: Now part of VDC

Jaco is now part of VDC. A Small Business that manufactures LCD's, LCD systems, Videowalls, Simulators, Tempest Products and Services, and custom electronic assemblies.

4. Flexibility

VDC can provide everything from off the shelf LCD to system level display solutions. Our knowledge, experience and project management skills set us apart from our competitors.

Touch Panel LCD Laptop in use
Touch Panel with Transparent interface

Display Solutions

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Video Wall Solution

Video Wall

  • Size 252 SQ FT.
  • Number of LCDS: 28
  • Complete Solutions

Valley Forge Casino Resort was home to this recent project. Despite extremely short project time lines. The focal point of the casino’s grand entrance is a 252 sq/ft video wall designed & installed by Jaco. The 9’ X 28’ wall includes twenty-eight 55" LCD digital signage monitors.

Display Solutions


  • Displays

VDC offers many different types and sizes or LCD displays

Automobile Charging Station

Charging Station

  • 8.4" Display
  • Wide Temp
  • High Brightness

VDC designs and delivers a display sub-assembly for U.S. based electric vehicle charging station developer.

LCD High Bright Solutions

High Bright

  • From 500 Nit to 3500

We can High Bright most LCD's. We can build custom LED light rails to achieve the brightness you need. 500 - 3500 Nits.

Optical Bonding Solutions

Optical Bond

  • Acrylic
  • Silicone

A sunlight readable display which reduces reflections and glare.
No air gap, preventing moisture from forming under the glass, making fog formation impossible.

Cable Solutions

Cable Solutions

  • LVDS
  • USB
  • Custom Flex Circuits

VDC can offer a cable solution that is right for you. From custom flex circuits, to LVDS, USB, Power and more...

Circuit Board Solutions

Circuit Boards

  • VGA, HDMI, DVI, Display Port
  • Touch Controllers
  • Power Boards

VDC can offer the right circuit board for your needs. Offering you standard Video Driver Boards, Touch Controllers, LED driver boards, and more...

LCD Monitor Solutions

Monitor Solutions

  • Ruggedized
  • High bright
  • Complete Solutions

VDC can build a monitor solution that is right for you. From 7 inches and up. Need to add a touch panel or high bright we can do that to!

Ultra-Wide LCD Solutions


  • Gaming
  • Advertising

Ultra-wide solutions are great for gaming and information displays. Call us we can find a solution that fits your needs.

Transparent LCD Display Solutions


  • Clear Solutions
  • High bright
  • up to 72"

Transparent solutions are the next big thing in displays. We can offer solutions from 7 inches to 72 inches. With our custom cabinets we can provide a finished solution to your door.


# Jaco Custom Solutions

Combination of sophisticated design & high technologies

All characteristics


Quantum Dot - 100% Better Color


Burn-in Solutions - 100% Tested


0% Fail - 100% Testing Services

Specialized Display Services

Featured Technology

# What you're looking for

Highlighting the top 3 Technologies you are looking for.

# Best Ruggedized Solutions

10.2" High Bright LCD with custom protective edge to edge glass. Custom Build Housing available in landscape and portrait mode. This version is also available with and without Touch.

Rugged LCD Solutions

Ruggedized Solution

Military Application

# Transparent LCD Technology

Transparent LCD technology is the next evolution in marketing and design.

Transparent LCD Solutions

24" Solution up 72"

Advertising Solution

# Ultra-Wide

Ultra-Wide Solutions are considered to be the best for Gaming and information displays.

Ultra Wide LCD Solutions


Advertising Information
Custom Video Wall

VDC provides custom video walls in various sizes for a range of industries and operating environments. VDC provides video wall solutions of any size and budget, and we assist our customers with every aspect, from content control to installation of these stunning displays.

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