Automotive Solutions

VDC provides a wide varity of solutions that make our displays standout from the competition.
• Custom cover glass
• Optical bonding
• High Brightness backlight
• Wide Temp LCD's

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Marine Solutions

VDC's Marine Solutions
• Custom cover glass
• IP Rated to specification
• Mil-SPEC Connectors
• Optical bonding
• High Brightness backlight
• Wide Temp LCD's

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Custom Solutions

VDC's custom solutions take the best features and add them to your requierment. No matter the size of technology. We will work with you to bring your vision to the screen.

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Automotive and Marine Displays


You need more than just a nice display in car, truck, or Boat, or RV. You need to start with the right components. At VDC we know the best componets to start with, so your product will not only look out standing it will outlast the competiton.
• High Brightness LCD'S
• Wide-Temp LCD's
• High-End Optical fluid
• High performance touch screens
• Scratch resistant Anti-Glare cover glass

            Let us build your new display today.

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Automotive and Marine Display Solutions

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