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VDC can provide our customers with custom and off-the-shelf kiosk designs for both indoor and outdoor applications. Currently, we have free standing kiosk designs to accommodate panels of 21.5" 24" 32”, 46”, 48” and 55”, with the option of a touch screen or standard display.

The off-the-shelf kiosks have finishes of brushed stainless steel or black stainless steel. This finish can be customized to match a customer’s existing design or surrounding color schemes. Our in-house optical bonding procedures make our kiosks well suited for outdoor environmental concerns as well as vandalism and wear and tear.

If you have the need for a custom Kiosk Jaco can utilize our talents and experience to create the best product for you.
Our Kiosks can include but are not limited to:
- High Bright Kiosks
- Stretched (Bar type) application
- Optical Bonded Kiosks
- Projected Capacitive, or IR Touch Screens
- Power over Ethernet (POE)
- Peripherals (printers, bar code scanners, phones)
- Software/Linux support - Panel PC type of designs
- Rugged/Harsh environment screens
- IP65 NEMA 4X Kiosks
- ADA Compliant
- We work with any Screen Size from 5" to 80"

Standard Free Standing Product offerings include Black and Stainless Steel Designs of 32” and above: JDS320MT01-SS, JDS320MT01-BK, JDS480MT01-SS, JDS480MT01-BK, JDS460MT01-SS, JDS460MT01-BK, JDS550MT01-SS, JDS550MT01-BK

For more information on our capabilities and custom Kiosk Designs, please click “Contact Us” at the bottom of the page.

VDC and Jaco have provided displays for both indoor and outdoor kiosk’s. Our bonded panels are well suited for outdoor applications where environmental conditions and vandalism are of concern. For indoor applications we have numerous touch sensor technologies that can meet any specific requirements for durability and accuracy.

We can provide the cost effective solution for your kiosk requirements from the LCD, a touch screen if required, to a complete assembly. From 3D design through Installation we can provide your team the best available solution

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