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Healthcare Capabilities

# Our Capabilities

• Work with the customer to select the correct version of the processor
• Assist in the selection of the proper peripherals and the best LCD display
• Design the display sub-assembly portion of the system
• Add display enhancements
• Touch screen selection
• Cover Glass design
• Optical Bonding
• Panel PC Design
• Integrate all of the Hardware and OS/Firmware
• Build prototypes
• Test at all levels from incoming screening, environmental, EMI and final system test
• Certify prototypes
• Manufacture production units

Medical Monitor

Healthcare Uses

# Medical Display Uses

VDC provides complete display solutions to meet nearly any performance specifications and operating environment. We have developed a wide variety of systems, including:
• Direct patient care and monitoring devices intended for operating room use.
• Clinical medical equipment.
• Aftercare systems.
• Displays with integrated touch screens and open frame designs.
• Complete sub-assemblies with displays, touch screens, cables, housings etc.
• Designs for sheet metal parts, cables, incorporation of SBC's, high bright panels, anti-glare, anti-reflection and all thermal considerations.

Medical Operating Room

Medical Solutions

# Medical Display Solutions

Working closely with our customer's engineering design team, VDC &  Jaco developed a custom 10.4" medical monitor including touch screen. The Jaco solution included custom electronics, a resistive touch screen, and was housed in a plastic enclosure. The unit is assembled and fully tested in Jaco's integration facility. Three different versions of this display sub-assembly were designed to support multiple end uses. The final Jaco solution was also required to include legacy support for older equipment already in the field.

A world renowned medical device manufacturer challenged Jaco to develop a custom LCD/touch sub-assembly that would fit inside their existing sterilization equipment. The Jaco engineering team selected a 10.4" LCD and resistive touch screen that met the performance specifications of this demanding application. This assembly, was designed, manufactured and tested in our integration center.

Medical Solutions

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# Display Products

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