Digital Signage

VDC and Jaco have installed video walls for security/emergency surveillance, in store displays, advertising/information displays in Casinos, Television Newsroom Studios, Corporate conference rooms, and Employee dinning halls.


We can provide local and remote content control for a single display panel to any size matrix of panels to form the desired size video wall.


VDC and Jaco have taken video walls from concept through installation including video, audio, structural and power requirements as well as thermal considerations.

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# Our Solutions

VDC provides complete display solutions to meet nearly any performance specifications and operating environment. We have developed a wide variety of systems, including:

• Displays with integrated touch screens and open frame designs
• Complete sub-assemblies with displays, touch screens, cables, housings etc.
• Designs for sheet metal parts, cables, incorporation of SBC's, High Bright panels, anti-glare, anti-reflection and all thermal considerations.

VDC's Signage Solutions Installations
Locations for VDC's Digital Signage Systems include:
• Airports
• Shopping Malls
• Mass Transit Stations
• Hotels
• Stadiums & Arenas
• Theaters

Digital Signage

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# Display Products

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TFT Displays
LCD Displays
Touch Screen Displays
Resistive, Capacitive, IR, SAW and more...
Sunlight Readable
High Bright Displays
Character Display Modules
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