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VDC has over 30 years of experience specializing in design, manufacture, and installation of visual display systems, to include multi-faceted rear projection as well as front projection dome systems. Our close worldwide system integrator partnerships with major OEMs and experience in projection systems enable us to provide technically advanced, quality visual display systems for specialized applications that exceed customer expectations.

VDC offers world-class projection displays and visualization solutions for any type of content from everyday business, education and training applications… to the latest frontiers of artistic expression… to scientific exploration via 3D/Advanced Visualization and Simulation… Find out what VDC can do for your Simulation Display Solutions.

Other Simulation Display Solutions are available.

Each Display System provides correct perspective, color, resolution and luminescence requirements for displaying customer-provided day, dusk, night and simulated Night Vision Device (NVD) [i.e., Night Vision Goggles (NVGs)] visual scenes on Image Generators (IGs).

We have built systems that simulate training scenarios that require the placement of tactical ordnance on trainee selected targets using Joint Service approved Close Air Support (JCAS) procedures and Surface Indirect Fires procedures (Naval Surface Fire Support (NSFS), Artillery and Mortar) to perform destruction, neutralization, suppression, illumination/ coordinated illumination, interdiction, and harassment fire missions.

"We build simulation systems for the best aircraft in the skies"

Brian Lawson, Director of Engineering
Simulator Systems from VDC

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