Testing Services

We have standard testing services.

Custom Testing Services

We will develop a testing plan and proceedure specific to your product and needs.
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Other Testing Services

Hammer Testing
Boot Testing
Ball Drop testing
and more.

We Test, You succeed

# Our Testing Services

Our testing abilities go beyond the visual. We have the capability to test to board level components. Our testing abilities include:
Temp chamber cycling both active and storage.
Light meter testing.
Oscilloscope Readings
Touch Test and Calibration including draw tests.
Dead or stuck pixel testing
Video noise testing
We can develop custom tests for your products as well.

For now Call us @ (800) 435-1169

Testing Services

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TFT Displays
LCD Displays
Touch Screen Displays
Resistive, Capacitive, IR, SAW and more...
Sunlight Readable
High Bright Displays
Character Display Modules
Character Displays

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